Make Money With ChatBots! [Passive Income]

Chatbots are an incredible opportunity businesses all need because they want to outsource to automate generate leads and make more sales, and Chatbots are a great way to do that 24/7.

Today we’re going to talk about

How you can make passive income from Chatbots

We’re going to build a Chatbot with you today. We have a website called Engagerbot.com, and this is where I’m talking about how you can make money online with E-commerce, and we’re going to make a Chatbot.

We know exactly the questions people have and what they want to know when they’re thinking about using Engagerbot.com, and we’re going to answer those questions with our Chatbot.

We’re going to orient them towards the correct answers and the right resources that we have to offer; this is a way that you can make passive income online with a Chatbot.

So let’s talk about your idea: you might be thinking about creating a Chatbot, but you’re not sure where to start and what it should be for, and all those things before you start.

You should know how you’re going to monetize it, and there are many different ways you can do that, some ways you can monetize a Chatbot.

1) Create your Chatbot

First of all, you could create your Chatbot and then sell it, meaning you could create it for a company. For example, you work with them, create the Chatbot, and then sell it to them.

You could also create the Chatbot for free for the business and then get a commission on any sales that the Chatbot generates. So if you’re more interested in passive and long-term income, you could negotiate something with the company you’re working with to get commissions on all sales generated by the Chatbot, and that could be extremely fruitful if you’re in a good niche. If you’re working with a very successful company and you’re generating a lot of leads with your Chatbot.

Create a Chatbot to promote affiliate marketing articles

You could also create a Chatbot to promote affiliate marketing articles. For example, let’s say this Chatbot is on a particular website that has to do with electric scooters. These are very popular, and you talk about different scooters on that website. Then you were driving people to affiliate programs where they can learn more about these scooters or buy them, and you can get a commission for every sale that your Chatbot generates, and the fantastic thing is that this is 24/7.

So you could make money while you sleep because your Chatbot generates sales during the night, you could use Chatbots to bring people through a funnel and convert on a landing page.

Landing Page

A landing page is just a website page that has very, very few links. There’s usually only one action that people can take on that page, probably an affiliate link or product or lead generation.

You want to guide them through that funnel. Your Chatbot can lead people through a funnel, so that can be another way to monetize your Chatbot, and you can get paid for each conversion if you made it for a business or yourself.

So if you’re working with another company or want to run your surveys to generate sales, you can use your Chatbot to do that automatically. You could also use Chatbots to generate leads. So if you have a website about insurance – and there are people on the website, and they interact with your Chatbot, you can generate leads and then sell them on to another company.

Chatbots for Advertising

You could also use Chatbots for advertising, and that could be affiliate links or other sponsored content, of course.

Another way you can make money with your Chatbot is with E-commerce. If you have different E-commerce products that you can sell, and people aren’t sure which one they want.

You could use your Chatbot to decide which product would be best for them, and of course, you could mix all these monetization strategies to make more money.

2) Think about before you create your Chatbot is what industry you are interested in

If you don’t already have a website, you could probably take a look at what industry you want to start in if you’re not currently working for someone else.

3) Create a diagram of the conversation

You want to create a diagram of the conversation, so we created the diagram of our conversation that the Chatbots are going to have with traffic on our website and how we want to bring people? It would help out if you thought about what people think about when they get to your website.

If it’s on the home page, what else do they think about when it’s on a particular page of your website? What else might they be thinking about? It would help if you customized the Chatbot depending on what pages they are on in the website. If they’re on one page, they might not be looking for the same information or the same thing.

For example, if they’re on another page if they’re on the contact page or the home page. You may want to have different conversations depending on where they are on your site, and you want to map your funnel because if you don’t know how you’re going to monetize and what the funnel is and what the customer journey is, then you’re going to have a more challenging time building your Chatbot.

So if you work for another company, have those conversations with them before making sure you understand their business processes and the different questions customers may have. You can build your Chatbot based on the technology you have. You can also offer different conversations depending on which page they are on. This is very important, and if you have a specific sales page on your website, the chat conversation should probably be different from your homepage or pricing page.

So these are different things that you can consider in the terms and conditions section. We have different types of information based on conditions. For example, let’s say they’re using a particular operating system that I’ve used in the past, which is very important in the language if your website is currently bilingual.

That’s a significant advantage of using the TDO Plugin. You can configure the language or the chat that takes place depending on the person’s browser language, so if the person visiting your site is French, for example, you can have a French bot. The bot interacts with that audience.

It’s super important to provide the best possible language-based user experience. So if someone is on your site in French, they’re expecting a chat in French. If we look at the actions, we have many different things that the Chatbot can do. For example, it can offer a quick decision, or it can offer decision buttons.

We know exactly how we want to interact with my audience, and we’re just going to create it and then explain everything about how I set it up; we are in our TDO backend, and we are going to go and click on our chatbox, and I’ve updated the Chatbot that was initially available by default.

If you create this on paper before you do it in the software, you’ll know that it does precisely what you would like it to do.

We immediately tell our audience that this is a Chatbot. We don’t want them to think that we’re interacting with them because they’ll start asking questions that don’t go with the flow of the conversation.

Make sure you end your conversations with something that gives them action at the end because if you end them and wrap them up, or if you don’t end your conversations at all, don’t think about having a closing chat. That might be a little unnatural.

We hope that helped you and if they have any more questions they can contact us.

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