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What is chatbot marketing?

Chatbot marketing is a technique that uses a chatbot for marketing a business. This strategy became popular when Facebook opened up the possibility of integrating bots into its Messenger feature. Previously, many Facebook Page messengers went completely unused. Occasionally, customers would submit questions or concerns, and even more rarely would a company respond.

A chatbot marketing method ensures that your client’s service inquiries don’t go unanswered, and many can even help with lead generation and sales.

How can you use chatbots in marketing?

There are several different methods to use a chatbot marketing strategy for your digital marketing. Bots can be beneficial for automating basic processes, answering common customer questions, and even making sales.

Chatbot marketing tips

  • Find out your company’s FAQs.
  • Build specific conversation tunnels
  • Test your chatbots
  • Make your bot distinctive.
  • Ask for permission to share messages.
  • Ask for data
  • Promote your chatbot

Read on to figure out more details on this topic.

Find out the FAQs for your business. To create a helpful chatbot, research what difficulties people have used your product or service and what they don’t understand. You can evaluate the data within any marketing platform you’re already using by conducting a small survey or gathering comments from your client support team.
Build particular conversation tunnels. Your chatbot should be particular when solving problems. Any step away from a specific task will result in an unpleasant experience for users, as chatbots still have a limited understanding of what humans want. Limit the range of comments for the user creates a conversation tunnel for each task, such as answering FAQs, confirming orders, or scheduling meetings. If your chatbot doesn’t understand a question, let users know they can always contact a human.

Test your chatbots

Try out a chatbot yourself first, or show it to your friends and colleagues. After you launch a chatbot, analyze how your audience interacts with a chatbot to gain insights into how to improve it.

Highlight your bot

Since a chatbot is meant to simulate a real conversation with a person, you should give it a name that fits your industry. If you give programming lessons, it should be called Cody or Moto if you offer car rentals. Make sure the conversation style fits your overall brand image and niche, i.e., a formal style for finance, medical care, insurance, and a more informal style for other services.

Ask for permission to share messages

Ask permission first and agree on the frequency of messaging from your side. Once the user starts communicating, you can send them regular messages with updates and news. But don’t think you can bombard users with it: They will cancel it immediately without thinking twice. Preferably, not too often.

Your motivation is to give a more personalized interaction in the future

Ask for data. It is okay to ask users to provide some data such as their name, age, location, etc. Also, ask your audience to leave their email addresses to continue communication on other platforms if chatting is not convenient.

Promote your chatbot

Make sure people know about your chatbot.

How can you utilize a Messenger chatbot for marketing?

Set up your Facebook Messenger Telegram app chatbot to answer FAQs, place orders, reserve tables at a restaurant or hotel room, or sign up for webinars to free up your customer support and sales teams.

Advantages of Chatbot Marketing

  • Saves time and money
  • Helps segment traffic
  • Delivers a quick response
  • Speeds up the payment process
  • Fits any business
  • Promotes engagement
  • Provides data for analysis
  • Helps with lead nurturing

Let’s discuss each element in detail

Conserve time and money

A chatbot allows your company to serve more customers with fewer resources and effort. Unlike humans, the chatbot doesn’t need a salary and works 24/7, which means that creating a chatbot is a one-time investment.

Help with traffic segmentation

Chatbots diversify your audience by steering the conversation in different directions. For example, a person interested in pricing is likely a warm lead, so the chatbot can suggest placing an order right in the chat. If someone needs more information, the chatbot should provide all the necessary details about your product or service.

Provide a quick response

An immediate response allows users to resolve their issues quickly and leads to a positive user experience for your customers. When done correctly, the chatbot improves your brand’s image and strengthens the feeling of trust in your company.

Speeds up the checkout process

You can use a chatbot to complete orders without requiring users to switch to a website. When you process orders and payments directly in chat, it takes less time and effort for your customers to buy from you. To do this, you need to connect PayPal or other money transfer services to your chatbot. How beneficial for eCommerce businesses!

Fits any business

You can design a chatbot to cover different processes, regardless of whether you own a small family business or a large corporation. It is a universal advertising channel, and SendPulse allows you to create chatbots for Facebook Messenger Telegram Increases engagement. The conversation takes place in messaging apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc., which have a massive audience of around 5 billion users, according to MessengerPeople. This means you have the opportunity to communicate with a highly targeted audience on a global scale.

Provides data for analytics

All the data collected with the help of your chatbot will give you insights into the needs and preferences of your audience. Using this data, you can adjust your chatbot marketing strategy and overall marketing to achieve better financial and communication results.

Help nurture leads

You can smoothly and quickly guide potential customers through the sales funnel with chatbot marketing.If you sell shoes, you can show various models, colors, and features to warm up leads and help them decide that your services are worth their money.

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