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How can businesses gain a competitive edge in the hospitality industry using chatbots?

It is fair to say that chatbots in the hospitality industry are still evolving. However, it currently covers many hotel services such as bookings, customer service requests, pre-or post-stay questions, and general travel suggestions.

The best chatbots permit customers to research and book travel through various messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, Slack, WeChat, and a lot more. The primary purpose of integrating a chatbot is for hoteliers to help their guests who send inquiries through their communication channels, such as a Facebook page.

Chatbots have become one of the most popular technology trends in the hospitality industry. Automation and self-service play an essential function in enhancing customer service accuracy, cost efficiency, and speed.

People today are very tech-savvy and love having almost any details they need at their fingertips. Outdated processes can quickly disappoint and frustrate them. These outdated procedures require human labor, which can be error-prone. A chatbot can help hoteliers deliver information faster than a human customer service representative.

Let’s discuss how hospitality brands can leverage chatbots for their organization

With 1.2 billion month-to-month active users on Facebook Messenger, chatbots are a great customer engagement tool and a must-have for hotel marketing. They should be where your clients are. And with over 2 billion Facebook msgs sent out between clients and businesses every month, you require to get ahead of your competitors and have a first-mover advantage.

Here’s an example of a primary Facebook Messenger marketing funnel for hotel brands using chatbot

Before check-in

  • Create Facebook ads that target expected hotel guests.
  • Automatically respond to Facebook comments with a Messenger chatbot.
  • Immediately expand leads with a contact list growth tool like Facebook message Autoresponder.
  • Send a message blast at the correct time.
  • Offer coupons to those who have canceled their booking using a Messenger chatbot.
  • Segment your leads with attributes.
  • Send reminders before check-in.

During check-in

  • Ask the customer if they need help.
  • Upsell hotel events and meals onboard.
  • Send reminders before check-out.

After check-in

  • Obtain feedback.
  • Re-engage customers.
  • Time and efficiency

Chatbots are capable of handling thousands of visitor requests and questions at once. This is ideal compared to human customer service representatives who answer the exact requests and questions every day, leading to low morale that causes inefficiencies at work.

On the other hand, chatbots can serve your customers instantly and efficiently, which increases the chance of upsells and conversions.

Here are some benefits of using chatbots in your system

  • Helps improve guest communication
  • Provides 24/7 intelligent support and communication interface
  • Reduces the workload for your staff
  • Improves your profiling system and builds brand loyalty
  • Increases booking conversions and avoids booking cancellations.
  • Improves the overall customer service experience

Automates repetitive administrative tasks and helps your staff focus on improving the quality of your guests’ stay Automation is an excellent help for hoteliers.

Chatbots have attracted a lot of attention in recent years due to their benefits and the convenience they offer to both customers and hoteliers. Remember, providing customers with accurate and timely information is one of the most critical factors for a company’s success, particularly in the highly competitive and price-sensitive hotel and travel industry. And is considered among one of the most comprehensive solutions to all productivity, consistency, and efficiency issues.

The development of chatbots can provide hospitality brands worldwide with a wide range of opportunities by increasing customer loyalty and improving the guest experience.

Chatbots have indeed changed the face of the hotel industry by providing effective management, a satisfying guest experience, and customized administrative capabilities.

Moreover, hotel brands are the most significant users and have integrated chatbots as their daily services. Chatbots will continue to evolve and help various hotels stand out and increase their market share.

What is the value of chatbots for hotel operators?

Chatbots do not replace humans. For far too long, hotel staff has compensated for the lack of automation in the hospitality industry. Just think of the front desk clerk answering the same question over and over again. At the same time, customers are increasingly demanding online help where human service is not possible because online customers expect instant service.

Chatbots currently supports three prominent use cases

Increasing operational efficiency: while each guest is unique, most questions and requests are repetitive and automated. Chatbots work as a filter so that only the questions that need human attention are routed to human staff. Chatbots can immediately resolve 60% to 80% of customer questions and requests.

Promoting direct sales: the conversational format makes it easy for customers to get the information they want, but it also allows the chatbot to capture customer data, travel dates, special requests, etc. This information can be forwarded to the booking engine and the hotel’s sales team for direct conversion, so booking requests that did not convert can be followed up. Some bots, such as Quicktext and HotelResbot, can support the hotel’s efforts and manage the entire follow-up process by emailing guests who have requested a reservation.

Meet customer expectations: Old-school static content is becoming less relevant to mobile customers accustomed to quick interactions. Chatbots provide instant access to relevant information at every customer journey stage. This development is best illustrated by the example of Google, which is increasingly acting like a chatbot by promoting direct responses instead of search results.

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