Video bots: how can they assist your business?

Although chatbots are one of the latest trends in digital marketing, they have already proven that they can help online businesses improve customer support and increase dwell time on the website.

Chatbots are available 24/7 and can answer the most common questions effectively. They improve the customer experience by providing customers with immediate attention and, in many cases, personalized service. For this factor, more than 70 percent of companies say they have AI-enabled applications, including chatbots, in use or under development.

Appropriately used chatbots can be very helpful in resolving typical service requests or finding the right products and services, but their effectiveness can be enhanced with video.

Let’s find out how video bots work and what makes them the next big thing in digital marketing and sales.

What the heck is a video bot?

A video bot is a video of a person that is automatically shown to website visitors by a chatbot. Video bots can improve personalization and automate conversions because they can get people to take action, whether on a website or in an application.

You might think that a video bot is a video that contains a visual version of a chatbot, but that’s not how it works. An animated image of a chatbot talking to you is not an excellent way to make the interaction enjoyable. At worst, the animation can look creepy and scare off customers.

Many people recall instances when two chatbots on Facebook spoke to each other in a secret language, causing the social media network to shut them both down.

A video bot would communicate with customers via pre-recorded videos with a human and the functionality of a chatbot. It is the best way to nurture leads and communicate in a way that doesn’t scare anyone away; it’s also a very user-centric way that improves the customer experience and has the potential to help with sales automation.

Chatbots can be very helpful in resolving typical service requests or finding the right products and services, but their effectiveness can be enhanced with video.

Video bots and sales automation

Let’s say you intend to buy an apartment. A friend told you about a real estate agency that was recommended to you and did a good job, and you want to learn more about it. A representative of the real estate agency has contacted you, and now you’re eager to meet with them in person to discuss the terms of the purchase.

By the way, if we do this, we should give you a good name: Booker.

The first step is to go to their website and book an appointment. That sounds boring, doesn’t it? Wait a minute, and It is where the video bots come in and change the way we think about appointments. Once you’re on the website, you start a chat with a chatbot and get a personalized video of the employee you spoke to on the phone.

The smiling face in the video tells you the following:

Hello, Booker! I’m your dedicated real estate agent. I know you wanted to schedule an appointment, so please set a time that works for you. The time and date options are below this video.”

So you’re thinking, “Oh, wow, they even made a video for me. Okay, sounds good.”

As the agent said, you’ll find the date and time options below the video. They’re presented as buttons – just like chatbots – so you can quickly set the date and time. The interaction is clear and to the point (chatbot UX is critical).

Done. Now you just need to meet and talk. You don’t have to call anyone to negotiate a date that works for everyone.

There’s no doubt that a video bot plays a crucial role here, gathering your input and giving a sense of personalized service. That worked out well. Plus, it was very personal and relevant, so you feel like the agency gave you the attention you deserve.

And we know very well that personalization works.

“Not only does it help you sell more, but it also builds brand loyalty and improves customer relationships,” says Glenda Morrison, digital marketer at Pick Writers. “Traditionally, personalization has been associated with CRM, where companies interact with customers in ways they find relevant, but new tools like chatbots have certainly taken personalization to the next level.”

Regardless of how you interact with your target audience, personalization of communications is a must. Seventy-four percent of digital marketers say personalization has either a “strong” or “extreme” impact on driving customer relationships.

Video bots for eCommerce

Video bots can be used for most businesses, with e-commerce companies being one of the most exciting cases we’re talking about here. Let’s say you want to automate the steps you want your customers to take to convert without losing context.

Examples of these steps are:

  • Searching for a product with a personalized finder.
  • Upgrading your membership
  • Requesting a demo for your new product
  • Filling out a survey
  • Subscribing to your newsletter to receive the latest offers

Many companies already use chatbots and messaging apps, and you could do the same. Best Buy’s chatbot, for example, helps users choose a product by telling them certain features and then redirecting them to the site’s page of personalized search results.

an example of best guy's chatbot

Now imagine that this chat involves a helpful person. She guides you through the product selection and makes you feel like you’re talking to a company representative in real-time. That can create a sense of personalization, increase brand loyalty, and improve brand image. Moreover, this person helps you make your choice and shows you why it’s good. Isn’t that fantastic?

Video bots as recommendations

Now you may be thinking, “Such a big deal, he gives recommendations. I get those when I search for myself too”.

Okay, that’s a good point.

If you don’t think personalized recommendations work, hear this: Amazon’s recommendation engine, which offers products based on a customer’s website behavior, is responsible for 35 percent of the company’s profits (which, by the way, were more than $10 billion last year, do the math).

Here’s another one: 75 percent of Netflix’s viewing comes from a product or video recommendations. That’s huge.

Imagine combining relevant product recommendations with targeted, personalized videos from video bots. You can improve the results.

Another great benefit to remember is that a video bot for any customer scenario can reduce the workload for your customer support staff. The more people who get answers from a video bot, the fewer people you have to deal with via email, live chat, or any other channels you use to communicate and answer common questions.

The bottom line

As messaging applications and chatbots become more popular, it’s no surprise that the rise of video bots is just around the corner. Video bots are new and innovative business tools. They can increase customer engagement, improve personalization, and automate your leads’ steps to convert.

Why is a video bot so effective?

Why is a video bot so effective?

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