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What Are ChatBots for Hairdressing & Personal Care?

A chatbot is a rule and artificial intelligence-driven service that your visitors can communicate with through a chat interface on your website. They are utilized to provide a better experience for your visitors and help you increase your website conversions.

Awareness of chatbots for hairdressing and beauty is growing, and more and more platforms are integrating chatbots for hairdressing and beauty, which has undoubtedly increased in recent times. Data from Google Trends reveals that search volume for “chatbots for hair and personal care” has increased 19-fold in the last five years as individuals and companies began to recognize their value.

Bot experiences with more involved audiences are achieving 80-90% feedback rates. At the same time, even the most adverse experiences are in the 35-40% range.

This is due to the rise of a powerful NEW “AI” technology… Engagerbot for hairdressing and personal care

You may have heard about engagerbot for Hairdressing & Personal Care on major news outlets like CNN and Fox News. Mark Zuckerberg revealed that engagerbot for hairdressing and personal care would be the secret to Facebook’s success over the next decade.

Billion-dollar companies are already using chatbots for hair and personal care products to achieve an ROI of 800% or more. By 2021, 50% of companies will spend more on bots than mobile apps.

Chatbots for hair salons tools for businesses.

The data shows that you need to start using chatbots for hair salons to optimize customer communication, success, and sales.

Kinds of beauty businesses that can benefit from chatbots

The advantages of chatbots apply to all players in the beauty industry. Stationery businesses like salons, spas, and beauty schools can be as successful with a Facebook chatbot as online businesses like beauty eCommerce stores.

Chatbots are also helpful for beauty businesses of all sizes. More famous brands inundated with Facebook messages can automatically use a beauty chatbot to answer frequently asked questions. It can also help them gather data on prospects and clients and send newsletter-style messages to users.

Smaller brands may not require bots to manage a full Messenger inbox, but they can take advantage in other ways. Your bot can transform users who discuss on Facebook posts into leads. It can also serve as a mini-CRM to collect, filter, and export data about clients engaged with the bot.

How a chatbot can increase your beauty business

A live chat for the beauty industry on Facebook can quickly offer essential information about your organization but in a more engaging way. It can share information about your products or services, your hours of operation, directions or prices, as well as your reviews and examples of your work.

However, that’s not all a beauty bot can do. While they were initially used for simple customer service inquiries, they have evolved into savvy virtual assistants with even more robust capabilities. 

Use them for :

Sending messages and updates to subscribers: One of the most helpful features of Facebook chatbots for businesses is sending messages to segmented groups of subscribers to retarget them. To engage prospects and customers, you can share information about new products, sales, coupons, and more. You can send out these messages within 24 hours of a user’s last interaction with your bot, or you can pay to send a sponsored message at any time.

Offer 24/7 support: the beauty of chatbots (pun intended!) is that they have no business hours. It doesn’t matter what time zone the user is in or when trying to book an appointment or request information. The bot is always available to chat with and help the user, day or night. Add the live chat feature to your bot so that customers can reach a human agent for open questions.

Schedule and book appointments: A chatbot makes scheduling appointments for inpatient businesses quick and easy. Customers can book treatments instantly, anytime, without leaving the Messenger app or filling out cumbersome web forms.

Selling products: A beauty bot makes product sales much easier for eCommerce businesses. Like booking appointments, sales can be made 24/7 with the Messenger app. Combine this capability with a bot’s ability to send out promotional messages to users about sales or new products, and you’ve created a streamlined, highly effective new sales funnel.

Offer personalized, expert advice: It’s in the best interest of any beauty business to position itself as an authority in its niche, and chatbots are great for that. You can give users the valuable and engaging experience of chatting with a beauty expert by preloading your bot with helpful tips, tricks, and advice. For example, questions about the customer’s hair type or eye shape can be used to generate hairstyle recommendations. This can be accompanied by booking an appointment or suggesting makeup products with links to purchase. This is a high-value but straightforward way to build trust in your brand and drive sales.

Entertain, educate and inspire: Chatbots offer other features that help your brand build credibility with users. You can use messages with specific tags to send content that entertains, educates, and inspires your users. For instance, you could offer a quiz that recommends a nail color or face mask type depending on your mood. This type of creative, engaging content resonates well with users and can increase brand loyalty and sales.

An instance of one of the best beauty bots on the market is the story of Beauty Player, a Chatfuel customer. First, the company solved the immediate problem of being inundated with Facebook messages by establishing their bot to handle FAQs. Then, they outfitted their bot to offer quizzes on the user’s skin type and then recommend products along with coupon codes. Thanks to these innovative features, they attributed a whopping 40% ($250,000) of their sales the next month to their clever beauty bot!

Wrap up 

Response times can have a massive effect on your conversion prices. If you keep your site visitors waiting too long, you’re sure to lose some who would have bought. This is where we come in. By using chatbot art, you can respond to your clients immediately and supply them with a faster and smoother purchasing experience, resulting in higher conversion rates and a more extensive subscriber list.

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