How to generate more qualified leads with your chatbot

Tips & Tricks Inbound marketing is more critical today than ever before. But to make it work, you require to build an integrated marketing system that supports customers every step of their journey.

Creating marketing campaigns can be one of the best ways to exercise your creative and strategic muscles.

If you’ve worked to build an audience organically or leverage hard-won advertising dollars, you know that the success of these campaigns depends on engaging visitors to your website.

There are so many great tools out there to help you do this. But if these tools don’t work well together, you may find yourself doing repetitive, manual tasks. And worse, if they don’t work as part of a system, it can be slow and frustrating to make changes to your campaigns.

Here are different ways you can use your website chatbot along with your other tools to get better results without being overwhelmed

1. Add personalized images to your bot

Use your customer’s name, email address, or any other attribute you know to create personalized images and GIFs for your bot using Hyperise.

There are many methods you can use this! Make it funny or professional, use any image or GIF and personalize it with any variable you continuously capture!

Email advertising is among the most reliable marketing methods in the digital world

A 2015 study found that emails generate an average return of $38 for every dollar spent. Visitors who aren’t ready to buy can ask to receive educational content or updates from your newsletter.

Leads you capture with your bots can not only be automatically sent to your mailing lists, but you can also include their responses to their account and use them to send more relevant web content.

Personalized emails are among the most effective ways to achieve this ROI

They stand out in the inbox as relevant content. When personalization works, your audience feels like the content is made just for them.

For your emails to be efficient, you need to know that these addresses are real people. Sending msgs to invalid, inactive, or undeliverable addresses damage your sender’s reputation and make it less likely that your emails will be sent in the future. When you gather email addresses through your bots, we automatically verify them validly.

With our new GDPR object, you can make sure you have permission to send emails. There are six legal bases for sending emails, and the clearest is consent.

To get this, you can add the following

  • A link to share more information about your privacy policy and terms.
  • A message is explaining that the recipient accepts these terms.
  • Accept and decline buttons.
  • Your visitors’ response to this object will be stored in their lead profile following GDPR.

Develop workflows that send HTTP requests to external web servers, API endpoints, and URLs. This way, your bot can integrate with almost any third-party service or even your server.

For instance, you can develop a workflow that sends a message to a messaging service or develop an item in a project management app.

Make it easy for your customers to switch to chat when they need help

The team at HelpShelf can help you consolidate all your support resources into one beautiful widget, making sure they’re available when it matters most.

With an easy-to-find contact button, you can connect to your Continually sidebar from your HelpShelf widget.

When your users require to reach you, they’ll be greeted with the same chat interface they’re familiar with from other pages on your site.

Lead generation and its importance to businesses

Lead generation is all about getting customers interested in a company’s products or services. Leads can be generated through various advertising methods, organic interest, or customer referrals.

Digital marketing allows businesses to generate a high level of traffic, increasing conversion rates and generating better leads. With good lead generation traffic, it is easier to create an audience of customers who are actively looking for a product or service. The chance of transforming a lead into a client increases when your business stands out from the rest. There are many different methods to improve your lead generation strategy. One of the latest would be the use of chatbots.

Generating leads using traditional methods can be effective, but incorporating a lead generation chatbot into your lead generation strategy can pay dividends. Customers prefer to chat, which is even more true in pandemics. That’s why chatbot conversion rates are higher.

Save time and gain more leads with chatbots

The most common way to qualify a lead is to ask for information, such as through a web form on your website. These forms are often massive and contain many required fields. Lots of required fields. Marketers rely on prospects filling out a form with all the information they need to pass it on to sales as SQL. During this funnel, you lose a lot of leads who aren’t interested in giving up all the information in one fell swoop.

It is critical for a business to convince a new potential customer that their product is the best on the market. It would certainly be best to catch these leads when they enter your website or landing page.


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