Chatbots for social media

More and more marketers consider using chatbots in social media as a must rather than a “nice to have.” The effectiveness of a social media chatbot is already proven by the simple but essential fact that it creates a more personal engagement with users.

The good news is that it’s not even complicated to create chatbot automation for social platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

When you decide to use an intelligent chatbot to automate your customer service on social media platforms, you gain access to some new benefits for your brand.

The most significant benefit is that a chatbot provides your customers with an intelligent assistant that can communicate with them almost like a customer service representative. It also gets to know your customers and finds out which products they are interested in.

A significant advantage of using chatbots for your business is that there are several pre-developed chatbots (which offer you advanced features like artificial intelligence and the ability to integrate with multiple social network channels) that you can use for a monthly fee.

Although this technology can cost thousands of dollars to develop, pre-developed chatbots cost a fraction of that cost.

Key benefits of using chatbots

If you’re still unsure about integrating chatbots into your social media strategy, let’s take a quick look at the key benefits they can bring to your business.

Chatbots can help you

  • Provide 24/7 service
  • Provide instant responses
  • Provide time and cost efficiencies
  • Direct users to the information they need
  • Provide your customers with a new and interactive way to engage with brands
  • Increase sales
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce human error

Why should you use chatbots for social media?

Right here are the reasons why you should integrate chatbots into your social media marketing strategy:

Faster shopping

Due to people’s hectic and fast-paced lifestyles, they are increasingly interested in making their purchases faster and easier.

People can now speak directly into their mobile devices and order their favorite products or add items they want to buy to their cart for later purchase. So that’s something you need to keep up with as a brand. And with all the new Echo devices, it’s going to be even easier to bring the usefulness and functionality of Alexa into your home and car.

Faster access to information

How often have you run into a situation where you were looking for a specific piece of information on a website, but it was nowhere to be found?

We’ve all been there. But thanks to chatbots, such situations can now be easily avoided. With the assistance of chatbot automation, you can now easily search for information about a brand you might be interested in and get it within seconds. Tempting.

Well, it is. After all, chatbots offer tremendous potential for e-commerce. Keeping that in mind, I assume it is risk-free to say that we’re at the beginning of a chatbot invasion in e-commerce.

More visitor conversions

As you know, the primary function of social media is to generate leads.

If that’s your goal, chatbots are the way to go. Research has shown that the conversion rate of chatbots is 266% higher than the average social ad

“One of the main factors for using a chatbot was that it allows for continuous, deeper interaction with our customers through regular one-on-one conversations. 

Chatbots are the future, and they’re here to stay

A growing number of companies are utilizing chatbots on social media, and the statistics only confirm it. More than 50% of companies using social media are already using chatbots. It is estimated that more than 80% of companies will take advantage of the benefits chatbots can bring to their business.

Businesses are using chatbots in various ways, most commonly for 24-hour customer service, so chatbots will only continue to grow in popularity on social media. In this way, businesses save money and provide faster and more convenient customer service to their users.

In addition to customer service, businesses also use chatbots on social media for subscriptions, orders to entertain users, and more.

Chatbots are especially useful for companies with a presence on multiple social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and co. are among the most popular platforms that support chatbots, but other platforms and apps such as Skype, Viber, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and others also use them.

Moreover, social media users feel comfortable chatting with chatbots, and over 50% of consumers would even buy a product from a chatbot.

The overall response to chatbots from both consumers and businesses is very positive, which is why chatbots are the future of social media discussion between businesses and users. The number of businesses using them will only continue to grow.

Wrap Up

Chatbots on social media are fun and can streamline your customer service and marketing while reducing costs.

This is excellent news, but it doesn’t change that customers crave human proximity and will notice if your brand can’t provide it to them.

Using options like inbox management and saved responses are much better ways to streamline the process by automating what you can, but then having a natural, empathetic person step in and provide excellent customer service every time.

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