How to Start a Chatbot Agency: The Steps Process for Launching a Successful Chatbot Marketing Agency

The number of creators learning how to start a chatbot agency is rapidly increasing. Chatbots are the most significant marketing trend to emerge in the marketing landscape in the last decade. The marketing agencies with the most success and highest customer retention are currently making the most of chatbots.

If you are part of an advertising agency, it is critical to take advantage of this enormous opportunity in the marketing landscape. Selling chatbot services is fast to an exploding lead pipeline, buckets of revenue, and an unstoppable advantage over your competitors.

Read this article, and you’ll learn. 

  • How you can capitalize on the chatbot marketing trend before it becomes saturated
  • How you can sell chatbot services without losing your marketing edge
  • How your agency can scale despite the massive new demand for your services

Looking to start a chatbot agency? This article is the structure you should follow if you want to sell chatbot services, make it big, and shape the future of advertising.

Start a chatbot agency Step 1: Decide exactly how chatbots will fit your current marketing services

This is a no-brainer if you want to start a chatbot marketing agency. You already know you wish to sell chatbots. But if you’re still undecided about selling chatbot services, this section is for you. (And this article has more details on that topic.) There are two fundamental approaches here:

Start a chatbot agency from scratch

  • Include chatbot services in your existing marketing services. Great. Read on.
  • Should you sell chatbot services?
  • In most cases, the answer for marketing agencies is yes. And why?
  • Your existing customers expect it.
  • Chatbots can drive tremendous results for your customers.
  • Chatbot marketing is the perfect complement to other digital advertising services like Facebook ads and social media administration.
  • Chatbots can provide a repeating revenue stream with valuable customer contracts.
  • Chatbots are easy to sell.
  • Chatbots establish your agency apart as innovative and unstoppable.
  • Chatbots are the perfect way to defy seasonal fluctuations or go out of style.
  • Chatbots are scalable.
  • Chatbots are easy to learn.
  • Chatbot builders are inexpensive.
  • Let’s use an instance.

Let’s state that you have a customer who is a personal coach. You run Facebook ads, and it has moderate success.

She’s not upset with your services, but she wants to enter a little more chatbots. But Facebook ads are expensive. She’s also having a hard time qualifying her leads.

Developing a simple chatbot sequence for your client can turn her lame marketing results into a resounding success. Give her this chatbot, and instantly several things happen: She automatically qualifies leads with a chatbot conversation sequence.

All unqualified leads are directed to her Facebook group for exciting fitness tips and health advice. Qualified leads can immediately schedule appointments for a free consultation. Your chatbot messenger messages achieve open rates of 70-80% and click-through rates of 40% every time.

There’s more, but you get the idea

Oh, and the best part? All you needed to do was clone our Coach Bot template and offer it to her. (But you do not require to tell her that.) Test the robot sequence yourself by clicking here.

The first step is to decide that you’re selling chatbot marketing services and envision what that will look like as part of your ongoing marketing practice.

Start a chatbot agency Step 2: Choose a chatbot platform like MobileMonkey

To start a chatbot agency, you’ll need chatbot tools

And the best chatbot developer we know of is MobileMonkey. (That’s no surprise.) If you’re a marketing agency offering a new product or service, it’s essential to acquire top-notch tools for creating and maintaining your new product.

There are, of course, more chatbot builders than MobileMonkey, so here are some guidelines for choosing a good chatbot builder.

  • Chatbot builders that are easy to use.
  • Choose a chatbot builder that offers many features.
  • Choose a chatbot that reputable marketers recommend.
  • Choose a chatbot company that is not going out of business anytime soon.

This fourth point is crucial. Chatbot development is still in its infancy, so companies are constantly moving up and down. Look for someone who has been in business for more than a few months, has a solid support team, and has social support (e.g., a Facebook group). MobileMonkey is the fastest growing official partner of the Facebook Messenger marketing solutions provider. This means that MobileMonkey is the rising star in the world of chatbot marketing, recognized by Facebook (as an official partner) and supported by marketing greats like Neil Patel, Mari Smith, and Brian Dean.

MobileMonkey was developed as agency software with an agency rates model. The whole MobileMonkey platform is ideally suited for agency marketers, and the tools are designed to be used by agencies on behalf of their customers.

MobileMonkey has thousands of firm marketers, including Facebook, social media, and other boutique advertising agencies. Please look at the MobileMonkey Certified Agency Directory to find out how other marketers use the product and sell their chatbot services.

Unlimited Facebook Pages. Quickly scale your services without incurring additional costs.

Unlimited features. Every feature of MobileMonkey is available to every Facebook page and every one of your customers.

Implementation support from MobileMonkey experts for bot creation. Unlimited free Messenger contacts, giving you more than enough room to drive results that matter to your customers. Your entire marketing team and clients can collaborate on chatbot development.

You need an agency plan if you wish to start a chatbot agency. Buy it. Get it. Please do it. As long as you don’t know the platform yet, you can also start with a free plan.


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Begin a chatbot agency Step 3: Learn how to utilize your chatbot builder

Creating a chatbot is fun, easy, and (this is important to me) code-free! This is the fun part. And I do not mean “fun” as a euphemism for “tedious, painful, and difficult learning curve.”

This is the main dialog creator screen in Bot Builder. No code, anywhere.

If you wish to skip the creation process and work with something pre-built, you’ve come to the right place. MobileMonkey has put together a robust library of chatbots. You can copy or borrow the existing chatbot templates when you get started. Then, the more dialogs and sequences you develop, the more options you’ll have when creating chatbots for other customers.

If you specialize in a particular industry, you can easily change a few elements to offer your new chatbot client a chatbot service. It only takes a few minutes, but you’re giving them a brand new marketing channel.

For example, if you offer marketing services to doctors and dentists, you can easily repurpose the dental practice chatbot for many of your customers.

This is where scaling enters into play, as I mentioned earlier. The most effective method to learn chatbots is to use them in your marketing funnel. The more you use them yourself, the better you’ll be able to create and deploy them for your customers.

How to begin a chatbot agency: Action Items

Chatbot agencies develop custom chatbots for businesses. While simpler bots can be created quickly with an intuitive chatbot builder, more complex bots that handle many queries require development time.

Chatbots are today and the future of marketing. They offer tremendous value to customers and high ROI for agencies. Due to the nature of bots, agencies save a lot of time and provide 24/7 value through chatbot messaging automation. An agency that includes chatbots in its service portfolio can offer many different types of services, such as

Instagram marketing for agencies Text advertising for agencies Marketing automation tools for agencies.

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