Three insurance chatbot use cases for customer service

Did you know that insurers who provide an exceptional customer experience generate two to four times more sales and 30% more profit than their peers who struggle with customer service?

Not surprisingly, satisfied customers are 80% more likely to renew their policies than dissatisfied customers. However, 71% of insurance customers say they are dissatisfied with their providers.

Excellent customer service is a simple solution to this problem. But how and where should insurers start? 79% of insurance customers say they use digital channels to interact with their insurers.

Customers have gone digital, and your customer service needs to follow them.

Creating the ideal online customer experience

The digital customer experience is more important than ever. With the increasing sophistication of digital technologies such as chatbots and RPA, automating customer service is not just possible but can be a game-changer.

The most powerful way to automate customer service is through chatbots, which use Artificial Intelligence in conversation. Bots are ideally suited to automate many time-consuming but straightforward queries that engage your customer service team.

Chatbots that use Artificial Intelligence provide customers with the fast online service they have become accustomed to. They are also not uncomfortable with the feeling of being assisted by a bot.

Most consumers don’t care whether a machine or a human helps them as long as they get the correct answer quickly. 54% of consumers would always choose a chatbot over a human if it saved them 10 minutes. Bots are the way of the future.

However, it is essential to understand that chatbots are not suitable for every problem and are best suited for solving simple queries. An insurance agent needs to be on the other end of the live chat for more complex questions.

So, what tasks should you automate? Here are three use cases you can quickly automate with Insurance chatbots:

Three customer service challenges bots can solve for insurance companies

✔️ Answer insurance policy questions

Providing customers with real-time, relevant information about their policy coverage.

✔️ File insurance claims

Enables customers to file insurance claims directly through the bot. As the bot is available 24/7 across multiple platforms, customers can submit their claims when and how they want.

✔️ Select insurance plans

Provides potential customers with all the info they need to purchase an insurance product or renew their policy.

What’s in it for insurance companies?

For insurers who choose to use chatbots alongside other customer service tools, there are many benefits. Sure, customers get faster service, but what about the insurers themselves? These are just some of the benefits:

✔️ More satisfied and efficient customer service agents

Among the biggest challenges for customer service teams is that most of the questions they deal with are simple and repetitive. Robots can answer these questions quickly, freeing staff to deal with more complex issues and increasing satisfaction and productivity.

✔️ Lower costs

Automation has improved the quality of customer service and increased productivity. This has led to cost savings through more efficient agents and increased sales through satisfied customers renewing and buying additional insurance products.

✔️ Improved service capacity

Since agents don’t have to solve everyday problems, they can handle unexpected rushes of customer requests.

Ultimately, robots benefit everyone. Customers are more satisfied and more likely to keep their contracts. On the other hand, you improve customer support capabilities and employee job satisfaction while reducing customer service costs.

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