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Why and how the music industry should think about chatbots

How chatbots should be used to solve problems for consumers. While it may seem evident to retailers, musicians, or music companies how to accomplish this, it can be unclear how an artist can help solve a problem.

Bots and the music industry – a vision of the future

AI and ML

You hear many bots in the media these days. The term “bot” is derived from “robot” and refers to chatbots, chatterbots, spambots, and botnets. They were initially designed to perform automated tasks, but with AI (artificial intelligence), bots are becoming more intuitive. As these bots become more intelligent, they can be used in various ways to perform activities that would typically be left to a human or personal search via search engines, etc. Instead of digging through the internet to search for something or download an app, you can talk to a human-like bot about it to make the experience less cumbersome.

How chatbots could have a significantly positive impact on marketing

They could influence brand messaging and create a personalized environment with the listener that allows the audience to be guided through the buying process, rather than historical marketing techniques that typically try to cast a vast net in hopes of attracting a few new users. The most significant impact is being seen in education, travel, and e-commerce, but the next frontier could be the music industry.

Thousands upon thousands of developers use Facebook’s Messenger app to bring new and innovative features to the already popular platform. Slack has set up an $80 million fund to accelerate the development of bots and other services that run on its services. So there’s little doubt that bots are here to stay, and they’re already collecting vast amounts of data to help us in various ways.

In the music industry, there are many ways to use bots

Artists themselves can create bots to connect with various social media sites to engage directly with their current and prospective fan base. They can answer general questions from fans, quote song lyrics, and provide video samples on demand. Again, the focus is on marketing.

There are still some kinks to exercise, as a human conversation is unique

Developing the “intelligence” behind these bots to integrate seamlessly with humans is a significant challenge. Fragmentation will also impact the wide adoption of the bot, as there are no formal standards, and these bots can be deployed on many different platforms with dozens of developer kits. The scalability of bots can also be a challenge if they operate without volume constraints.

There is no doubt that bots will play an essential role in the music industry shortly, but will they be more of an extension of today’s generic marketing efforts, or will they one day compose music based on the user’s music preferences? Perhaps we’ll leave it to the market to decide which practice will be the most widespread.

Are chatbots the future for “closer” get in touch between artist and fan?

Sharing music on social media is an increasingly complicated process. It’s not about posting or promoting something but making sure fans see those posts and, more importantly, respond to them. Thanks to ever-changing algorithms and different ways of preferred content, the newsfeed is becoming increasingly unreliable when it involves getting the word out about your latest release.

Performance Messaging

More and more people, from artists to brands, use Messenger apps to connect with fans and followers face-to-face. Facebook Messenger alone has 1.2 billion users worldwide, and with the introduction of chatbots that interact on your behalf, the interaction results are astounding.

Messenger bot click-through rates (CTR) are five times higher and more effective than email marketing,” “We may see a big shift in prioritizing this channel as a communication method overall as email becomes more crowded.

” Artists are also using this new way to communicate with their fans. Recently, in conjunction with the release of their latest album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, earlier this year, AWAL artists The Wombats introduced their “Wombat,” a chatbot that automatically interacts with their Facebook followers. Among its 5,000 users, the Wombat had a tremendous 95% open rate on messages.

The Wombat was a great tool to have all the information in one place, with easy-to-navigate links to the album and upcoming tour dates,” “In the months that followed, we continued to update fans with new content, like video releases and merch.” Some artists and bands are using chatbots to answer simple questions and respond to fan inquiries or to spread the word about a new song and expand an artist’s story. As Messenger bots evolve, storytelling becomes an essential piece of the puzzle.

Fans live in messaging apps

To let them know about news and releases, the report from the studio, and sell music, merch, and tickets. And as a musician, you want to be where your fans are and can connect with each of them personally.

So why is messaging the future communication between artists and fans?

Engagement speaks for itself. Messaging apps have open rates of more than 90%, often within minutes. When an artist releases a new track in this way, many streams are generated immediately. But that’s not all.

There’s too much content to manage, and algorithms are forced to prioritize friends and family over businesses. Therefore, only a portion of your fan base sees your updates in their newsfeed, and an even smaller percentage engages with them.

Take Facebook, for instance

It filters out 98% of the updates musician posts through their page. People sign up to receive updates and information from an artist, but only 2% receive the updates. Remember that chatbots always need to be used alongside opportunities for face-to-face interaction with fans. “A messenger bot is a way for an artist to be more human and show more personality,” Savage says, “but it can’t replace the intimacy of a live performance and real-time interaction with fans.”

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